December 2015
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Some mistakes in bathroom design you should avoid

Add new or remodeling your home is one of the interesting and creative ways that you can perform. But, with so many responsibilities to create pressure for making decisions that can last up to several years. How can you be sure that I get a designer that fits your lifestyle, budget and maximize the benefits of your investments? Start with a great design for all rooms of the house, including or especially the bathroom.

Bathrooms, whether big or small, always think carefully enough about the location and function of bathroom for multiple people to use. We almost went through the era of the house only a single bathroom, serving the needs of everyone. Bathrooms today have beautiful design, efficient functions and convenience.

Avoid the common design mistakes below can help you have relaxation with your bathroom for a long time.

1. No external views

Nobody likes a wet and dark bathroom. It’s like a vicious circle, and it’s no pleasance to be in such a space.


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Make a sweet bathroom with Vintage style

The design trend in the 1920s was revived. Replacing with the sumptuous baths, classical style like Vintage is being chosen by many families because they are not only aesthetic, but they are very attractive.

1. Flowers motifs

This is a simple way to add glamor bath with vintage style. Please choose advanced types of wallpapers which are moisture resistant, waterproof, combined with accessories like veil storage shelves below the sink, washcloths, towels… motifs. The small brick square box placed together under the overall mirror makes the room like much more a lively and charming garden.


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10 tips to decorate your bedroom to welcome spring

In the previous series of articles about how to decorate the bathroom to make it look cooler, this one will change the topic to bedroom about how to decorate it to welcome spring.

1. Rather quilt cover, bedcover

You can wake the spring up with the duvet covers, pillows, new colors, eye-catching motifs such as flowers, leaves, birds, sunshine, blue sky …. The brilliant colors of the fresh and vital spring will create a sense of comfort for the owner of the room, mentally stimulating each morning, make people feel warm and eye-catching in the cold winter.


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13 tips to makes your bathroom look cooler (part 2)

To be continued with part 1, this article will give you some more tips to decorate your bathroom and change it into a perfect space for you to relax.

7. Using art paintings

Many people believe that the art of painting should not be hung in the bathroom so that the guests can not enjoy the beauty of the painting. This is not true, because bathroom needs painting decorative arts; it makes your bathroom space become “art” a lot. If you feel anxious painting will be quickly damaged by space bathroom is always wet, then close the frame with the seal broken. Certainly the picture will retain the beauty of it and be extremely durable when it is packed in a glass frame.


The floral prints which are placed in a white cardboard baths help picture become the highlight of the room, light, elegance and sophistication. (Source)

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13 tips to makes your bathroom look cooler (part 1)

With hot weather, especially in summer days, taking a shower is the best choice to relax after a hard working day. Below are some tips and tricks to make the bathroom in your house look cooler and fresher.

1. Create colorful walls

If your bathroom is just painted a single color, please turn it becomes more colorful by matching multicolored paint together. This not only brings freshness to the room but you will feel cooler as well as more energetic.


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