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download it here version 2 note that this table only contains engines for which i have data for the engine s thrust there are a few for which i only have the specific impulse e g positron ablative lh2 fluorine photon etc these do not appear on the table but they have entries below, warp drive tutors preparing for ib chemistry paper 3 - topic 1 2 obtaining and using experimental data for deriving empirical formulas from reactions involving mass changes topic 1 3 use of the experimental method of titration to calculate the concentration of a solution by reference to a standard solution, bioscreen growth curves usa applications - hot topics current article green nanosilver worth its weight in gold earlier hot topic articles the incredible antimicrobial egg applications of the bioscreen c in formulation of natural antimicrobial systems and in discovery of new bacterial defense strategies stuck on you applications of the bioscreen c microbiology reader in parasitology sick economy the impact of infectious, extended release oxalic acid progress report scientific - 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