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amazon com a history of christian missions penguin - stephen neill s the history of christian missions provides a concise overview of the spread of the global church that is quite solid and thorough in its discussion of old world missions from the apostolic era through the colonial period of the 1800s but is lacking in its treatment of missions from 1900 onward and particularly in the regions of north and south america, the christian church in the cold war penguin history of - the christian church in the cold war penguin history of the church owen chadwick on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers from the end of the second world war until the rise of gorbachev the churches in the two halves of a divided europe might have been living in different worlds almost all had to adapt to declining congregations, timeline of christian missions wikipedia - earliest dates must all be considered approximate 33 great commission of jesus to go and make disciples of all nations pentecost a day in which 3000 jews from a variety of mediterranean basin nations are converted to faith in jesus christ 34 in gaza philip baptizes a convert an ethiopian who was already a jewish proselyte 34 saul of tarsus is converted and becomes paul, history of christian theology wikipedia - the doctrine of the trinity considered the core of christian theology by trinitarians is the result of continuous exploration by the church of the biblical data thrashed out in debate and treatises eventually formulated at the first council of nicaea in ad 325 in a way they believe is consistent with the biblical witness and further refined in later councils and writings, bbc history ancient history in depth viking religion - the age of conversion the viking age was a period of considerable religious change in scandinavia part of the popular image of the vikings is that they were all pagans with a hatred of the