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life inside china s social credit laboratory foreign policy - life inside china s social credit laboratory the party s massive experiment in ranking and monitoring chinese citizens has already started, one child policy wikipedia - the one child policy a part of the family planning policy was a population planning policy of china it was introduced in 1979 and began to be formally phased out near the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 the policy allowed exceptions for many groups including ethnic minorities provincial governments imposed fines for violations and the local and national governments created, measuring well being and progress events oecd - 6 th oecd world forum on statistics knowledge and policy the future of well being incheon korea this year s forum will look at the future of well being with a particular emphasis on three important trends the digital transformation the changing role of governance and the emergence of the, unicef unicef social inclusion policy and budgeting - the united nations children s fund unicef works for children s rights their survival development and protection guided by the convention on the rights of the child, poverty in china wikipedia - in china today poverty refers mainly to the rural poor as decades of economic growth has largely eradicated urban poverty the dramatic progress in reducing poverty over the past three decades in china is well known, smart city development in china china business review - a big bet on smart cities this is the backdrop for china s large and sustained bet on smart city projects the 12 th five year plan which guides broad economic policy through 2015 specifically calls out smart city technology as a sector to be strengthened and encouraged and ministries are jostling to sponsor programs and industry alliances in 2012 the ministry of science and technology, welfare work and poverty social assistance in china - welfare work and poverty social assistance in china international policy exchange series qin gao on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers welfare work and poverty provides the first systematic and comprehensive evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of china s primary social assistance program minimum livelihood guarantee, what are the underlying reasons that china is ending the - the one child policy is a policy which the chinese government has relied on for far too long it should have ended 15 years ago because if that had been the case the first batch of second children families would be thinking about entering univers, china s social credit system seeks to assign citizens - as the national system is still being fully realised dozens of pilot social credit systems have already been tested by local governments at provincial and city levels