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union american civil war wikipedia - during the american civil war 1861 1865 the union also known as the north referred to the united states of america and specifically to the national government of president abraham lincoln and the 20 free states as well as 4 border and slave states some with split governments and troops sent both north and south that supported it the union was opposed by 11 southern slave states or, american civil war wikipedia - the american civil war also known by other names was a war fought in the united states u s from 1861 to 1865 the civil war is the most studied and written about episode in u s history primarily as a result of the long standing controversy over the enslavement of black people war broke out in april 1861 when secessionist forces attacked fort sumter in south carolina shortly after, free civil war reconstruction essays and papers - the civil war reconstruction the civil war could very easily be known as one of the greatest tragedies in united states history after the civil war the people of the united states had so much anger and hatred towards each other and the government that 11 southern states seceded from the nation and parted into two pieces, free spanish civil war essays and papers 123helpme com - anarchist barcelona the spanish civil war what so few of us knew outside of spain however was that the spanish civil war was in fact a sweeping social revolution by millions of workers and peasants to reconstruct spanish society along revolutionary lines dolgoff xii, abraham lincoln and black soldiers abraham lincoln s - references jerrold m packard the lincolns in the white house four years that shattered a family p 82 michael burlingame abraham lincoln a life volume ii p 465 susan mary grant and brian holden reid editors the american civil war explorations and reconsideration s p 193 susan mary grant fighting for freedom african american soldiers in the civil war, american oracle the civil war in the civil rights era - american oracle the civil war in the civil rights era david w blight on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers david blight takes his readers back to the civil war s centennial celebration to determine how americans made sense of the suffering, saving savannah the city and the civil war vintage civil - saving savannah the city and the civil war vintage civil war library jacqueline jones on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in this masterful portrait of life in savannah before during and after the civil war prize winning historian jacqueline jones transports readers to the balmy